LPFM stations
by JT Communications
Ocala, FL

LPFM stations fall under the Non-commercial FCC rules. Here are the differences between underwriting and commercials.

The FCC states that an LPFM station cannot do the following:

1) Provide pricing information. This includes any indication of savings or values, or any interest rate information associated with any product or service,

2) Mention any inducements to buy, sell, or lease,

3) Give a "call to action". This means mentioning "stop by", "call", "visit", "come", "drop by", or any other similar verbage.

4) Not use words that would be considered quailtative and comparative, i.e: "efficient", "dependable",  "economical", "prompt", "fair", "excellent", "prompt', etc.

5) Excessive use of the sponsors name, *

6) Interrupt program to mention sponsor. It is recommended to mention the sponsor at the beginning and end of the program only! *

* exception- fund raisers that promote program-related materials being sold, provided  the sponsor is clearly identified.

You are allowed to use the following:

1) Logos, slogans, or other items that identify but not promote,

2) Location, phone numbers, addresses.

3) Descriptions that are considered value neutral,

4) Trade names, product listings, service listings.