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CSG-10 Composite Stereo Generator Module



[Bullet] Universal Replacement FM Stereo Generator
[Bullet] Fully Adjustable Composite Clipper
[Bullet] Digital Balanced Modulator
[Bullet] Active Preemphasised inputs
[Bullet] Pre/Post Clipping AUX inputs
[Bullet] Compact 4x5 PC Board
[Bullet] Bipolar 12-15 VDC Operation


[Bullet] AUDIO INPUT: 10k, resistive.
[Bullet] FREQ. RESPONSE: 10-15000 Hz. 75uS pre-emphasis.
[Bullet] GAIN: 14dB @ 1 kHz, incr. per 75uS, to -60dB @ 19kHz.
[Bullet]AUDIO FILTERING: Active 15kHz 6-pole Butterworth LP & 19kHz Twin-Tee notch.
[Bullet]OUTPUT IMPEDANCE: Will drive 600 ohms.
[Bullet] BALANCED MODULATOR: 1 bit a/d conv.
[Bullet] CARRIER SUPRESSION: typ. <60 dB, w/o pilot.
[Bullet] NOISE: typ. <60 dB, w/o pilot.
[Bullet] CROSSTALK: typ <40 dB.
[Bullet] COMPOSITE CLIPPER RANGE: Adjustable up to 6 dB.
[Bullet] OPERATING TEMP. RANGE: 0-50 degrees,C.
[Bullet] POWER REQUIREMENT: Bipolar 12-15 VDC @ .125A

Upgrade your old stereo generator with a CSG-10, and receive the extra benefit of overshoot protection with the use of composite clipping. The CSG-10 utilizes all active filtering to prevent audio frequencies from interfering with the pilot. Minimized overshoot and ringing is obtained, as well as the use of a digital balanced modulator.


DESCRIPTION        SKU #      PRICE    
Standard           CSG-10     $379.95  

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Last modified: July 15, 2012